Wise Lending and Borrowing UPDATE

Wise Lending and Borrowing is almost here, and it’s a game changer.

Protocol Progress:

UI/UX Development: Initiated

Core Testing: Ongoing

Audit: Pending Code Completion

Community Readiness: 5,000%

Where will Wise Lending and Borrowing Launch?

Shortly After Launch: Ethereum, Harmony, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Arbitrum, and Heco.

Early 2022 Launches: Casper, Solana, and Terra.

Other 2022 Launches: Polkadot and Cardano

Protocol Features:

  • Use exotic collateral (ex. Quickswap LPs, Sushiswap LPs, Curve LPs, wsOHM, xSushi, dQuick, etc.) — Composability with new exotic collaterals in the future possible after launch.
  • New on-chain AI mechanism to optimize the APR and borrowing rates.
  • Governance (Wise Shares) + Multisig sign-off for changing and adding features.
  • Auto-Compounding farms with lowest fees in the game.
  • 100% Collateral efficiency by lending out access capital to other lending protocols.
  • Redistribution of Liquidity Mining Rewards of those other protocols.
  • Fees are taken on interest, auto-compounding, liquidity mining rewards and liquidation.
  • Fee sharing with Wise Stakers in form of airdrops.
  • Inhouse Flashloan System with low fees, which increase APR and make one-click leverage lending and liquidation possible
  • Bounty Section: Earn by maintaining the protocol through predesigned UI: Ex. transport of liquidity mining rewards, liquidate loans, facilitate airdrops, auto-compounding farms, etc.

Additional Features Coming:

Until WISE Stakes as collateral on this protocol users will be able to borrow against stakes on polygon through LiquidNFTs by wrapping stakes into an NFT contract. When Chainlink gives the price feed governance and multi sig sign off, WISE Collateral stakes will be activated. Fee sharing via airdrops will commense right from the start

How is Wise Lending and Borrowing related to LiquidNFTs (NFT Lending Protocol)?:

LiquidNFTs (LiquidNFTs.com) will coexist and serve other financial service needs but shares the same fee sharing philosophy. These are technically two separate protocols serving unique purposes.

About WiseSoft, LLC

Wise Token is setting a new, ethical standard for DeFi. It is a fairly launched, fairly distributed, fully decentralized, crypto-backed utility token. The Wise team is currently building a full suite of DeFi products including staking, borrowing, lending, LPs, DEX swaps, and leveraging options. In line with our team and community’s ethos, 100% of the ecosystem’s profits go back to Wise Token holders.

The Wise team, with the help and guidance of the Wise Token community, is dedicated to making the future of finance completely trustless. For any questions, email contact@wisetoken.net or join our Telegram channel: https://t.me/WiseToken.

Follow us on Twitter (@Wise_Token) and Instagram (@wisetoken), and subscribe to our YouTube channel (Wise Staking) for the latest news.

Other Resources

  • Wise Token Staking Dashboard
  • LinkedIn (WiseSoft, LLC)


Peter Girr, Founder & CEO

WiseSoft, LLC




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Devin Marty

I am currently the Director of Strategy at WiseSoft, LLC – the company behind the Wise Token, the first fully decentralized DeFi ecosystem.